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Month: May 2016

My baby died. What does it mean to you? ?>

My baby died. What does it mean to you?

Let’s talk about death. No? Does this topic make you feel uncomfortable? Awkward? Queasy even? I understand. To a point. I mean, we do live in a world where staying young is THE thing to achieve. We have facelifts, tummy tucks, we are on ridiculous diets and apply ten different cremes and tonics to look and stay young. Damn you, you cursed wrinkles! No one wants to see aging on themselves or face the fact that we are heading towards…

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Those words that still haunt me ?>

Those words that still haunt me

‘It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last’. There, said just like that. These words were said by a colleague who had asked my husband if I was ‘still upset’ about my miscarriage, six months after we lost our baby. My husband had answered yes to the question as indeed, I was still struggling and upset. So, therefore, these words were offered as a blunt way for me to ‘get on with it’. Because you know, miscarriages are…

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