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Month: September 2016

The end of the road? ?>

The end of the road?

Today, I got nothing. I am out of everything – hope, faith, energy, positivity, belief, self-esteem. Everything. It has been an incredibly exhausting week for me – mentally, emotionally and physically. I have been sick with the flu und it is clinging to me very stubbornly. The low grade fever won’t leave me and it seems, it will settle in for good. My girls have been just as sick. We as a family experienced different hardships this week and they…

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An open letter to ER doctors ?>

An open letter to ER doctors

Dear doctors, I know you are insanely busy but I need you to listen to this. I have been carrying around my pain for too long. I get that your work environment is crazy. You see the worst of the worst and sometimes the best of the best. But most of the time, you work too long, too hard, too much and with little appreciation. The emergency room these days is a nightmare of paperwork for the doctors at the…

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