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My name is Karin and I thought I tell you a little bit about myself. I am in my mid-thirties (getting old, haha) and I live in Canberra, Australia. I originally grew up in Switzerland but met my husband who is Australian while travelling in Canada. So love brought me to the nation’s capital, as the locals call Canberra. 🙂

As it happens in a marriage, hubby and I had talked about having children for a while and in 2011, it happened. I fell pregnant in May – very unexpectedly. I was shocked. We wanted children but that fast? I felt very confused. I was anxious, stressed and really unsure if this was a good time to have a baby. I really struggled with the fact I was pregnant and didn’t feel all those happy feelings I was supposed to feel when finding out the good news.

But before I could make up my mind, the decision was made for me – we were not supposed to have this baby. I suffered a missed miscarriage, which means my body wasn’t able to abort my tiny little bean by itself. I had to go to hospital for a D&C, which took place on 1 July 2011.

After that, I fell into a deep, dark hole. Life made no sense to me; I couldn’t see how I could keep on living with a piece of my heart and soul missing. I blamed myself and was convinced I caused the miscarriage by originally not wanting the baby. It has been a long journey for me but I take one step at a time. Some days are good, some are not.

This website, my blog on here and more importantly, my book ‘How to survive a miscarriage – a guide for women, their partners, friends and families’ are a direct result of my loss and my healing journey. Get your copy of the book via the link in the ‘Get the book’ section.

As I went along in my grief journey, I realised that I wanted to help others not only through my writing but through counselling as well. I studied for a Diploma in Counselling in 2015 and 2016 and finished my course in August 2016. Soon, my idea for an online grief counselling practice was born.

Now I am happy to offer my services through my practice, Snowdrop, to bereaved families near and far. I offer counselling via Skype, email, phone and FB chat (or other social medial channels). I also offer ‘mobile’ counselling which means I can come to you if you live in the Canberra region. For more info, head over to my ‘Counseling’ section and have a read.



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