I am happy you have found your way to my page.

I look forward to guiding you through any challenge that brought you here.

You may be here because you suffered a loss that you are struggling with.

Or you found my page because you are facing a  (mental health) challenge that you need guidance with.

Maybe you are here because you are tired of suffering silently and you are looking for someone who gets your daily struggle to put on a brave face when your inner world is in turmoil.

My counselling services as well as my blog and books are here to help and guide you through different life situations. I invite you to have a look around and access the resources you are drawn to.

How I can help you

I want to welcome you and say that I see you. I hear you.

My practice, KarinH Counselling, is a safe place where no masks or excuses are needed and there is no judgement. The door is wide open to start your healing journey the way you want it to be.

I am here to help you find your voice to tell your story, regain strength and move forwards at a pace that suits you.

My books, How to survive a miscarriage and Nurturing Kindness, and my blog posts on specific topics have been written to provide you with practical and fast advice for challenges in your daily life. I am currently transitioning between publishing houses and will update here when the books are available again

I created my online course, Kinder Healing, to offer a gentle way of healing at your own pace. You receive hands-on support from myself through lives and post in a private and safe Facebook group.
More info available here

Whatever resource or service you choose, I look forward to connecting with you!

Karin xx

Hi, I’m Karin, the owner of KarinH Counselling practice and this website.
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