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In honour of International Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness month, I’d like to offer my course ‘Kinder Healing’ and my book ‘How to survive a miscarriage – a guide for women, their partners, friends and families ‘ as a unique bundle.
Both the course and the book are a direct result of my own loss in 2011.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this offer, please share and it will be my honour to guide and support you on this journey.

In kindness,

This Bundle Includes

Kinder Healing Course

How to Survive a Miscarriage

Love Heart Wreath

What you receive:

  • A tailored course with self-paced exercises, complete with worksheets and introductory video
  • A private Facebook group where you can also share experiences and learning; and participate in dedicated Q &A Live sessions
  • Gentle and kind guidance towards deeper healing and moving forward with purpose and joy
  • Support and access to the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Grief and Mental Health Counsellor
  • An opportunity to work in-depth with Karin where suitable and desired


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A guide for Women, their Partners, Friends and Families

Although 10–25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, there is surprisingly little recognition of the devastating grief that often follows in its wake. Sadly, poor communication by medical staff and insensitive comments from well-meaning friends and family are common, while real emotional support is rare.
How to Survive a Miscarriage addresses the emotional and physical implications of pregnancies lost before the 20th week. It guides grieving mothers through the dark times of loss towards purposeful and gentle healing with strategies for coping with sadness and guilt, suggestions for rituals, and advice on getting through subsequent pregnancies. It also addresses the physical causes and types of miscarriage and includes a section for friends, family and partners.

Investment $75
Normal price $97      Value: Immeasurable 

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Love Heart Wreath
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*Once payment has been made, you will receive:

  • an email with course links and any preparations you need before we meet.
  • an email with a bonus resource to support your mental health.
  • Paperback copy of “Nurturing Kindness”  in your letterbox.

Every Healing Journey begins with one first step
Travel this path with kindness to yourself first! 


This course is created and facilitated by me, Karin Holmes, an experienced Grief & Loss Counsellor with my own practice based in Canberra, Australia.

I am passionate about supporting and guiding those experiencing loss or grief in a gentle and progressive way. 

I am also passionate about social equality and inclusion and all of my services are Lgbtqia friendly.

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What People are saying ..


‘Karin is a very caring and understanding counsellor who ‘gets it’ when I talk about my struggles.

I feel safe and supported and can recommend her services to anyone.’

‘Karin has been imperative to my healing and finding purpose again after I received a major healthcare diagnosis.

It was hard for me to make sense of it and I was feeling very low. Karin guided me towards healthier mindsets that have made a big difference for me.’
‘Karin has helped me with my grief and healing when I needed it most.

She is gentle in her approach and I leave our sessions feeling lighter and able again to face life. ‘ .


Hi There, I'm Karin​

I created ‘Kinder Healing’ after my own loss, a miscarriage in 2011.
I still remember how incredibly lonely and isolated I felt.

On top of that, I received a life changing diagnosis in 2018. I couldn’t see a future, let alone one which contained happiness.

Finding my way back to a life that is filled with both joy and grief was exhausting. My journey was challenging, searching for resources that fit with me but not finding them.   Finally, I trained as a counsellor to learn techniques to support myself and once I was in a better place, to help others.

Since embarking on this journey I have been shocked to realise how many people are soldiering on, nursing enormous pain without support or guidance. 

I created this course as a safe, simple beginning, designed to support you, help you identify where you are and identify a point in the future you would like to be. I give you simple tools to help you on this journey.

I have built this course in such a way that you can engage in live sessions or proceed at your own pace, or a combination of both.

This course is based on simple techniques, which you can use anywhere; and become more powerful the more you use them.

Simple does not mean easy!! I get that! That is why I will be here for you, to answer questions, to guide and to listen.

No one deserves to suffer silently. If you are ready to honour your loss, depression, uncomfortable emotions and start on the journey back to life and to you, then please join me. The world needs your gifts, and you need to be in a place to be able to share them.

In Kindness

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Love Heart Wreath
Image shows book cover
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