What is End of Life Support?

End of Life Support

There are many answers of what end of life support is or can look like. In many ways, it is exactly what it says – offering you support to prepare for your final journey. How this journey looks like is of course entirely up to you and I am available as a guide, pick you up person and most importantly, I am holding space for you and create an environment where it is safe for you to explore any emotions that keep coming up, to make decisions and to just be – whatever that looks like on the day.

End of life support has room for addressing practical questions such as what your funeral can look like, crossing things of your to do list such as visiting much loved places (where possible), putting things in writing or create an audio recording for your loved ones. We can dedicate as much time to these tasks as you like. Of course, time can lose some meaning in this sacred space of getting ready.

From life, we are used to look at time in blocks – working 9 to 5, 60 minute appointments, going to bed at 10pm – but this might not apply anymore. Time is what we make of it and any activities, such as a voice recording of your story, memories, wisdom, will go ahead for as long as you feel able to do them. Any time spent, whether it is 10 minutes or 2 hours, is enough and free of any judgment. We do what we can together and this space, we deserve to be extra kind and gentle with ourselves. Together, we will strike a balance between what must be done and what needs doing.

End of life support does not include any legal advice or support for legal proceedings such as writing a will. 

I am here to facilitate the space you need to get ready and to serve as a witness to your story. Our time together might be filled with activities and lots of talk or it might be spent mainly in silence. This is a time to look back as well as one to look forward into what is to come.

The aim of end of life support is to honour your personal journey up until this point and support you to take the steps and directions you want towards the end. It is my role to make time to discuss and explore the big and small questions of life and to make room for the fear, sadness and hope of your situation. We face whatever comes up for you head on – there are no taboos to avoid or shame to hide. Instead, we have the chance to explore what IS free of outside expectations and entrenched beliefs of what is proper and what isn’t. fear, anger, rage, defeat, joy, love, pride and laughter are all welcome in this time of preparation.

It can also be a time for celebration.

A celebration of you, your life, your world and anything that you feel is important to you right now. End of life support can’t offer answers to the questions of what is next or what is going to happen to me? That is ok though because there is so much power in preparing and meeting whatever is when it is time. The power lies with you and within the moment and you will make them meaningful in your own unique way. That is what end of life support is all about – seeing, witnessing and supporting YOU until it is time. 

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