How to Survive a Miscarriage

A guide for women, their partners, friends and families

by Karin Holmes

Although 10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, there is surprisingly little recognition of the devastating grief that often follows in its wake. Sadly, poor communication by medical staff and insensitive comments from well-meaning friends and family are common, while real emotional support is rare. After experiencing a devastating miscarriage herself and finding little in the way of support, grief counselor Karin Holmes wrote How to Survive a Miscarriage to help other women in a similar situation.

How to Survive a Miscarriage addresses the emotional and physical implications of pregnancies lost before the 20th week. It guides grieving mothers through the dark times of loss towards purposeful and gentle healing with strategies for coping with sadness and guilt, suggestions for rituals, and advice on getting through subsequent pregnancies. It also addresses the physical causes and types of miscarriage, and includes a section for friends, family and partners.



I wish this book had been written at the time of my own losses where I struggled with grief and anger. I bought this book as a guide to help me be a support person for someone who is struggling with the loss of their Angel. This book is a gem. The author shares so many resources. I highly recommend this book for those that have suffered a pregnancy loss and for their support people.